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GIGABYTE Releases BIOS Update That Fixes Skylake Bug

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GIGABYTE has started notifying its customer base that it has a BIOS fix for the calculating bug in Skylake processors. The bug, which Intel recently acknowledged exists, can cause some Skylake processors to freeze up when performing obscure, complex calculations. Various groups have been able to replicate the bug by using the Prime95 program, which is freeware that can be used to discover new prime numbers.

Although it's unlikely most computer users would ever encounter the bug, the fix is simple enough. Users with GIGABYE motherboards just need to update the BIOS on their systems. The company recommends that users always install the latest BIOS version available in order to ensure they have the best computing experience.

Users can search GIGABYTE's download center for the latest BIOS release for their particular GIGABYTE motherboard.