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Heavy Gear   |    October 01, 2014

In The Loop

This month, we have the inside scoop on all things coolant—filling, flushing, refilling, leak-testing, and so on. We talked with EK Water Blocks CEO Mark Tanko about the ins and outs of proper loop maintenance.

EKWB d.o.o
Phone: 3-865-909-6611
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Heavy Gear   |    October 01, 2014

Intel Core i7-5960X Extreme Edition

This CPU represents a number of firsts: It is Intel’s first eight-core desktop processor, it is the first chip to incorporate 20MB of Intel Smart Cache on-die memory, and it is the first CPU to work in tandem with DDR4 memory, via Intel’s X99 chipset.

Intel Americas Inc.
Phone: (503) 696-7026
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Heavy Gear   |    October 01, 2014

PNY GeForce GTX 780 XLR8 Overclocked Series

The GeForce GTX 780 XLR8 Overclocked Series shows off PNY’s expertise in taking a great GPU and making it better. Add a lifetime warranty to the dynamite factory overclock, and you have one impressive GTX GeForce 780.

PNY Technologies
Phone: (408) 392-4132
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Heavy Gear   |    October 01, 2014

A Home For Haswell-E

<I>CPU</I> is here to help you get the motherboard that’s right for you. The quartet in this roundup is only the first wave of X99 boards, but they’re already brimming with goodies.

Hard Hat Area   |    October 01, 2014

Mad Reader Mod

<p>Coop says he’s been modding since 1999, and that this is his sixth and most complicated mod. </p> <p>“My next mod will be inspired by the Alien movie franchise,” Coop says. “I have been planning this mod for 18 months now, and with a new game based on

Digital Living   |    October 01, 2014

GAW Miners Hashlet

Bitcoin mining has changed dramatically in the five years since its inception. Today, GAW Miners is leading the charge toward mainstream Bitcoin mining with its new line of cloud-based Hashlet mining ASICs.

GAW Miners
Phone: (917) 975-8080
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