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Heavy Gear   |    March 01, 2015


At first glance, this SSD seems a bit of a departure for PNY, whose SSD exteriors up to now have been fairly conservative by comparison. The flaming tiger leaping across its surface suggests that this drive may be dramatically faster than previous XLR8

PNY Technologies
Phone: (973) 515-9700
Heavy Gear   |    March 01, 2015

Intel NUC

Thanks to recent advances in CPU power, processor graphics technology, and solid-state storage, you really can have it all now—the computing power you crave and incredible portability in a small, slim form factor.

Intel Americas Inc.
Phone: (408) 765-8080
Hard Hat Area   |    March 01, 2015

GeForce Garage DIY SLI

Because nobody likes limitations, we’ll break down everything you need to build a two-way SLI gaming system that can keep up with the most voracious of pixel appetites.

Phone: (408) 486-2000
Hard Hat Area   |    March 01, 2015

Read/Write Rockets

Jonathan Weech, Crucial’s SSD product marketing manager, is our man on the inside at one of the biggest SSD manufacturers in the world. He has the 4-1-1 for all of your SSD-buying FAQs.

Phone: (208) 363-5790

General Content

Front Side   |    March 01, 2015

Digital Economy

A current snapshot of the world of technology and the tech jobs market.

Heavy Gear   |    March 01, 2015

be quiet! Silent Base 800

The result is a case that looks great in its stock configuration and is highly functional, and that we would guess will be a hit in the modding community, as well.

be quiet!
Phone: 49 (0)40 / 736 76 86 44
Heavy Gear   |    March 01, 2015

Q&A With Aerocool Creative Director Michael Chen

These cases are great for people with a fixed budget who would still like a case that reflects their own personality that they can show off to their peers.

Heavy Gear   |    March 01, 2015

Aerocool Cyclops Advance Black

At just 80 bucks, the Cyclops Advance Black is a solid, affordable enclosure that’s roomy enough to easily install everything you need and yet small enough to make all that stuff easy to move around.

Heavy Gear   |    March 01, 2015


With all of the refinements ENEMAX made to the LIQMAX II 240, the cooler is anything but a sophomore slump.

ECOMASTER Technology Corporation
Phone: (626) 913-8899
Hard Hat Area   |    March 01, 2015

Why The Pros Use GIGABYTE Hardware

Extreme performance is one of GIGABYTE’s foremost calling cards, which is why so many system builders, gamers, and overclockers the world over prefer GIGABYTE components to those of other brands.

Hard Hat Area   |    March 01, 2015

DCCASEMODS’ Custom Painted Corsair 250D

For David “Bishopdown” Wright, head modder and CEO of DCCASEMODS (www.dccasemodding.com), building affordable—yet beautiful—systems is a founding principle of the business.

Loading Zone   |    March 01, 2015

Software Tips & Projects

If an OS is bad for the people who use computers most (that’s you and me), then it’s bad for kids, moms, retirees, businesses, and everyone else who uses a computer to one degree or another. With Windows 10, however, Microsoft appears to be listening to w

Loading Zone   |    March 01, 2015

Up To Speed

Fix Adobe Flash Player vulnerabilities, broaden device support with HWiNFO64 and GPU-Z, and enjoy a new interface for LibreOffice in this month’s software updates. NVIDIA and Intel’s new drivers add support for the latest GPUs and processors.